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You just found yourself a Freelance multipotentialite to get things done!

Copy Writing

You (and your co-workers) feel empowered by both your internal and external communications because they sparkle everyone’s soul. Whether it’s your website, newsletter or internal policies, all communications come across as authentic and are beating on the heartbeat of your business. You no longer struggle to stand for your values because where souls vibe alike, so do minds.

When you read this, you wish it were true but you lack either the talent or the time to get it done.

Good news! We can make it happen. Okay, I admit, having great texts in place is not a miracle solution for every obstacle in your business, but it’s a good start.

So while you’re busy bringing your gifts into the world, I’d be more than happy to translate them into words so they reach those who need to be touched by them.

Visual Translation

Words and images have equal value to me. They only travel through our realm differently and therefore touch us in different ways. Combined they may create entirely new realms or stories and that’s where the true magic happens. Also for you.

You can ask me to design visuals to support the message of your text, folder, presentation, book or internal process. I can provide you with a small library of customized visuals in agreement with your personal style or your brand style. This gives you the freedom to get creative on your own whenever you feel the vibe.

You can even ask me to visually translate your CV. You will stand out from the crowd, that’s for sure.

Turning Stones

Have you ever looked underneath a stone?

It looks fresh, harbors various creatures, interesting textures, ancient imprints and what not. An entire microcosm might reveal itself.

You are like a stone too. Chances are you have been showing a particular side of yourself for a while now. It’s looking good, polished, familiar. Perhaps a little boring too. Or even completely worn out. Nothing like the diamond you are inside.

It’s time to turn your stone around.

Right now is the best moment to do so. The power is in the now.

So go for it and contact me to schedule the next best moment.

Turning Stones, coaching for smart thinkers.

Remember the most precious things in life aren’t tangible


Rituals allow you to consciously express your gratitude, let go of what no longer serves you, build stronger connections, sprinkle your blessings, ask for support to manifest your ideas and longings and so much more. They mark special transitions for yourself, your team or your business.

Together we design a fitting ritual based on your intentions and needs. We decide on an appropriate location, timing and invite whomever you want to have present.

I will facilitate the ritual so that you can fully surrender to the flow. The sacred space in which we work offers you and everyone present the opportunity to sink deep into the present moment. By combining our fields of awareness with the strengths of our open hearts, we unlock additional dimensions in which you can bring your gifts into the world.

Performing a ritual is a beautiful gift to yourself, your business and the Universe.

Sound Healing

Imagine you gift yourself (and your team) a moment to deeply recharge your batteries. All you need to do is get installed and lay back.

A Sound healing session invites you to give wings to your mind and tap into your body’s wisdom. Gently the sounds take you on a journey while you surrender to the intention to relax. The only action it requires from you is to keep breathing. While laying on your back, warmly covered by a blanket, sensations might travel through your body to release stored tensions.

You could integrate this in a team day, organise it to celebrate a major achievement or simply because you’re all worth a well deserved break.

Energetic Cleansing

Look at the plants in any given environment and they’ll show you how healthy the atmosphere is. I’m not talking about airborne substances, temperature and humidity here. Well, also. I’m pointing at lively vibes, warm heartedness and humility.

Yes, you’re reading that right.

Your workspace needs to be clean, both physically as well as energetically. I’m sure you have already experienced this (subtle) awkwardness when entering a room or an office. You instantly feel your energy draining without being able to tell exactly why. This is why: 

“What you can’t see does matter.”

A regular energetic cleansing of your workspace removes heavy burdens of past negotiations and struggles. Such a good deep cleansing realigns energetic fields so that your subconsciousness can freely surf the vibes of the soul of your business. This will lead to a blooming business, healthy plants and thriving people.

Do you feel life running through your business?

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You (want to) feel Life’s heartbeat pounding in your business or organization, right? Because if you don’t, then why are you spending so much time and energy to it.

If that resonates with you then I am your business woman. I put my Heart and Soul into my work and I love doing the same for your projects.

My career has taken a nice collection of interesting turns. Each experience blessed me with an additional set of skills or depth of development. I love being creative in many different dimensions and I have a very broad range of interests. Luckily I’m an autodidact who’s learning fast. I’m proud of all my experiences and diplomas as a master of biology and a PhD in science, but my most precious master so far has been Life itself. (I haven’t graduated yet.)

Life is a beautiful journey and I (want to) keep learning. Every. Single. Day. Thank you Universe!

I bring it all to the table for your project to benefit from. That’s the advantage of working with a freelance multipotentialite.

Feel free to contact me

I’m all ears for your questions and happy to send you an offer

You have a project or a service in mind and you can’t find it on this page? Feel free to send me your question and we can explore the possibilities.

Mijn hele aanbod is ook mogelijk in het Nederlands, mijn moedertaal. Contacteer me gerust in jouw voorkeurstaal. 

Westerlo, Belgium

Web Design & Hosting by Vermeulen & Vermeulen

Together we form a great team designing and hosting websites. We both have our unique perspective and talents. Bart takes care of all IT/technical aspects, offers a down-to-earth view and is very solution oriented. Frouke brings in her creativity with words and visuals, and makes sure your website’s heartbeat is pounding.

Next to an intrinsic drive for what we do, we also share our family name. We’re not only brother and sister, but good friends as well.

Curious about what we have to offer you?